Accessorise All Areas

Everyone knows that a superb outfit starts with great design and top-quality materials, but the key to creating an impeccable and unique finish, is a handful of carefully chosen accessories. While certain embellishments such as ties, pocket squares or cufflinks, add instant visual flair, others work hard to enhance your look from behind the scenes.

Our shirt collar stays are one such hidden asset. Made from solid silver or mother of pearl, and embossed with our logo, they add just the right amount of weight to ensure a crisp, sharp collar that will stay in place all day. Our classic armbands, meanwhile, will keep your shirt sleeves and cuffs exactly where you want them, while evoking a hint of old-world style.

A discreet way to keep your trousers in check or a deliberate fashion statement – however you choose to wear them, our traditional braces allow any pair of well-cut trousers to sit perfectly on the waist, creating a smooth silhouette. Made for us in England by the company credited with inventing the first ‘modern’ pair in 1820, they’re fully adjustable and come in a choice of colours and finishes. The devil is truly in the detail.