Business & Pleasure – Trousers in our Winter Sale

The power of a great pair of trousers shouldn’t be underestimated. Even if you’re mostly seen from the waist up only these days, an outfit that’s carefully selected from top to bottom is also one that’s polished, professional and a pleasure to wear all day long. Find trousers to suit every taste and setting in our Winter Sale.⁠

Defined by premium quality materials, exceptional comfort and timeless fits, our trousers are offered in a range of smart to casual styles, for garments you can truly live in. Take our versatile brushed cotton jeans. A dapper alternative to denim, they look and feel the part for home working or weekend relaxing, and come in an array of colours for expressing character.⁠

For impeccable styling all year round, look no further than our beautifully tailored wool trousers in a variety of weaves and colours. As elegant as they are comfortable – no workwear collection should be without them. Or relax into a pair of our soft cotton cords; a dependable and durable wardrobe staple with a unique tactile quality. The choice is all yours.⁠