Contemporary or Classic?

Contemporary or Classic? - Hilditch & Key

When you buy a H&K shirt, you’re investing in 122 years of shirtmaking expertise, incorporating the finest fabrics and masterful attention to detail. But the key to ensuring an immaculate appearance, all-day comfort and unwavering confidence every time you wear one, is all in the fit.

We offer two shirt fits to complement your shape and style. The Classic, a traditional cut, is roomier in fit and freer in movement – perfect for those who want to look smart and feel comfortable. While our Contemporary fit, created with a well-considered slimmer cut to the body and sleeves by our in-house tailors, offers a more modern tapered silhouette, plus a shorter body length which lends itself to being untucked.

Find both fits across our core collection and our linens cut exclusively to our Contemporary fit. And for good measure, our bestselling shirt styles also come with a choice of collar and cuff types, to help you truly own your look.