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The Fine Print - Hilditch & Key


Featuring lavishly laid-out pages, rare photographs and compelling content, Assouline’s books are as beautiful to behold as they are fascinating to read. Exploring themes relating to culture, art and style, by leading experts in their fields, the luxury publisher’s sought-after tomes are designed for lovers of the printed page and connoisseurs alike – and are destined to be passed down through generations.

We’re delighted to now present H&K customers with our favourite volumes from Assouline – iconic additions to your home library and unforgettable gifts for someone else. Delve into our previews below…

Panama: Legendary Hats

A symbol of classic gentlemanly elegance since the 19th century, the Panama has topped the heads of such greats as Roosevelt, Churchill, Napoleon, and the Duke of Windsor. This exquisite book examines the hat’s remarkable story and style, while celebrating its country of origin: Ecuador.

The Impossible Collection Of Cigars

Journey to the fabled Cuban tobacco farms and get up close and personal with the torcedores (master cigar rollers) as you discover the world’s 100 most commendable and coveted cigars. This luxury-edition book features to-scale images, hand-tipped cigar bands, and is presented in a traditional wooden box.