Timeless Treasures - H&K proudly hosts Longmire

Timeless Treasures - H&K proudly hosts Longmire - Hilditch & Key

Longmire cufflinks are miniature works of art, destined for the finest shirts. We’re honoured to now host a specially curated collection from the esteemed British brand following its Jermyn Street store closure. And whilst Longmire continue in business, Hilditch & Key is the only place in the world where you can physically see and buy Longmire today.

Established in St James’s in 1979, it was founder Paul Longmire’s flair for cufflink design that led the company to become the specialist it is today, renowned for its artistry, originality and range. ‘Longmire has always been unique in working with different designers to offer the widest variety of distinctive cufflinks – whether classic, contemporary or creative,’ says sales director, Michael Coulthurst.

From understated to colourful, traditional to whimsical, each piece is crafted to perfection. Its enamel creations, skilfully hand enamelled in England, are exemplary, with exceptional lustre and depth of quality. Beautiful and made to last, Longmire cufflinks are the perfect gift or addition to your own collection, designed to be enjoyed now and passed down through generations.

Find a selection of silver and steel Longmire cufflinks in our newly reopened store and a wider selection on our website now.