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Wrist Assessment - Hilditch & Key

As events and weddings return to the calendar, what better way to embrace dressing up than by adorning your shirts with the very finest accessories. Our cufflinks by Longmire rise to every occasion, creating a striking first impression and a lasting impact.

Crafted to perfection using luxurious materials, each piece possesses exceptional lustre and extraordinary depth of quality. A collection renowned for its artistry and originality, choose from the brand’s signature enamel cufflinks, or show off your eccentric side with the grey obsidian skull with a 14ct-gold monocle. For grooms and wedding guests alike, the 18ct white-gold stirrup, featuring two bars representing the union of two people, will make a stylish statement on the big day and a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

Find Longmire cufflinks in our newly reopened store, alongside our range of double cuff shirts, and a wider selection of cufflinks on our website.