Our Story

Long recognised as London's leading Jermyn Street shirt maker with a reputation for the finest gentleman's shirts, knitwear and clothing.

Hilditch & Key have entered a new era of classic and timeless style. Born out of our heritage is a whole new collection worn by and designed for the most discerning.

Here & Now

Hilditch & Key shirts and accessories. For men with an effortless sense of style. For those who appreciate classic design and craftsmanship, but wear it with a creative, contemporary flourish.

A modest investment…

We're in an age where expensive designer brands are paraded simply as symbols of luxury. At Hilditch & Key we believe that quality and craftsmanship should be favoured for their true elegance, not for their extravagance.

The Discreet Elements of Style…

Hilditch & Key shirts and accessories don't loudly and rudely demand admiration. Our customers have no desire to seek approval. It's about confidently expressing individual style. It's a matter of self-expression, without ever being self-absorbed.

Hilditch & Key provide the essentials of co-ordinated contemporary grooming.

The cut of a collar…the subtle splash of a vibrant pocket square..the elegant drape of a silk tie… At Hilditch & Key accessorizing isn't a ‘finishing touch'. It's what subtly sets you apart from the herd. It's the beginning of your own imaginative statement of style.

Be Streetwise... Jermyn Street wise

Hilditch & Key aren't in the business of preservation. We uphold the great traditions of craft but we're not a living museum. Neither do we join the futile rush to lead or follow trends. Rather, we quietly evolve our ranges to reflect the times – to give our customers a rich variety of options to add their own elegant twist to classic contemporary grooming.

Discretion is the better part of vanity

Our customers include Heads of state, royalty and A-list celebrities, yet our custom is never listed. Our customers stay true to their own sense of style. They value inspiration. Not influences.

Quality Guaranteed – Discretion Assured

A shirt shouldn't shout…it should whisper. It should elicit a barely discernible nod of admiration from those in the know.

It's attention to detail... not unnecessary elaboration.

The H&K classic shirt construction is a masterpiece of understatement. The small stitch length and smooth line of the seams, the triangular gussets added for extra strength and comfort,the hand-turned collars with removable stiffeners. These are the finer details that may only be appreciated by the keenest eye, but they invariably combine to project an unmistakable aura of quality.

The last word in Victorian tailoring... 1899.

In the year when Queen Victoria made her last public engagement – laying the foundation stone for the Victoria and Albert museum - the foundations were also being laid for a legendary tailoring partnership.

Charles F. Hilditch and W. Graham Key, two shirt makers trained at the renowned Harman's of Duke Street, came together to establish their own business on Tottenham Court road. Hilditch & Key quickly established a reputation amongst the best-dressed Londoners. In what was perhaps one of the first cases of 'youth' marketing, they secured the patronage of a generation of successful gentlemen by travelling to universities tailoring shirts for undergraduates.

The making of the 20th Century

By the early 20th Century a mark of Hilditch & Key's success was the move to Jermyn Street, a coveted destination for shirt makers and gentlemen's accessories.

In 1907 they were able to mark their status as fashionable shirt makers with the opening of a store in the Rue De Rivoli in Paris.

A model of modern restraint…

Hilditch & Key is a company that has stayed true to its roots. The heart of our retail business is still in Jermyn Street and the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. It was not until 1978 that an extension to the Jermyn Street store was made with the purchase of number 37.

It was only in 1981 that Hilditch & Key products were allowed to be sold outside our own shops. We're now exporting our unique style to some of the world's leading department stores. Distribution is carefully monitored to ensure that we can spread our reputation without diluting our craftsmanship and quality.

Our Story

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