Prepare to put your best foot forward. Sanders & Sanders has handcrafted fine footwear in Northamptonshire, the home of British shoemaking, since 1873. The brand’s vision was the same then as it is now – to produce shoes and boots of exceptional quality, comfort and durability. The fifth generation of the Sanders family today upholds that commitment, fusing traditional techniques, such as Goodyear welting, with modern technology, to produce footwear that is revered the world over.

Olly | Dirty Buck Suede Wingtip Brogue Gibson


Moorgate | Chocolate Suede Semi Brogue Oxford


Jackson | Indiana Tan Suede Plain Brogue


Bruno | Multiple Colourways


Guildford | Black Calf Semi Brogue Gibson


Berne | Burgundy Calf Longwing Brogue Gibson


London | Black Suede Wingtip Brogue Oxford


Jude | Dark Brown Grain Wingtip Brogue Gibson


Salisbury | Dark Brown Waxy Wingtip Brogue Gibson


Fakenham | Acorn Calf Wingtip Brogue Gibson


Oslo | Black Calf Wingtip Brogue Oxford


Theo | Dirty Buck Suede Wingtip Brogue Gibson


Kelso | Snuff Waxy Suede Derby Brogue


Pinner | Snuff Suede Wingtip Brogue Oxford


Clive | Calf Penny Loafer