Cashmere Refurbishment

Love your cashmere for life  

Restore your treasured Hilditch & Key knitwear with our new service

 High-quality cashmere has the potential to last a lifetime with the right care. That’s why we’re introducing a new service to refresh and repair your favourite Hilditch & Key cashmere sweaters and return them to their former glory. It’s part of our commitment to sustainability, helping you enjoy your clothes for years to come. 


In the same way that you’d service a classic car, an investment piece such as a beautifully made cashmere sweater benefits from regular maintenance to preserve the integrity of the knitwear, keep it looking as good as the day you bought it, and ultimately extend its life. In fact, quality cashmere will even improve with washing and wearing, softening further over time, which is all the more reason to look after it. 


We’re proud to partner with a prestigious Scottish knitwear company, comprising a local and incredibly skilled team, who craft all our cashmere sweaters to the highest possible standards. With our new service, its dedicated specialists will hand-wash and hand-care for your Hilditch & Key knitwear, removing stains, repairing damage and de-pilling the garment to remove the naturally loose hairs that appear as bobbles on the surface of the fabric. Not only will your sweater be restored to its original specification, it will be returned to you looking and feeling better than ever. 


We’re offering three packages for our customers:  


Wash and press

Your garment will be expertly hand-washed, hand-pressed, de-pilled and returned to you as good as new. £55


Wash and press with minor repair

As above, plus any minor damage that has occurred, such as broken or loose stitches, will be repaired to return the garment to its as-new condition. £75


About our cashmere 

Only the finest cashmere hair from Mongolia is selected for our sweaters, chosen for its long-staple fibres, which result in the smoothest, softest clothes. Spun in the UK by some of the best spinners in the world, the yarn is then transformed into Hilditch & Key’s designs in Scotland using state-of-the-art knitting machines; the collars are skilfully linked onto the garment by hand. 


For the final process, the fully formed piece is washed or ‘scoured’ to remove the oils that are added to the yarn during the spinning process, and give the fabric its luxurious feel. It takes a great degree of skill to know when the cashmere is ready – the expert team quite literally have a feel for when it has reached the desired softness. It’s this artisanal knowledge and attention to detail that guarantees garments that will last, and even be passed down through generations.