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Finishing Touches – handkerchiefs & scarves

Finishing Touches – handkerchiefs & scarves - Hilditch & Key

The pocket square is a secret weapon of an accessory. Worn well, it brings balance to an outfit, adds interest, and – if you so desire – creates a memorable impression. Historically reserved for only formal occasions, the decorative detail has long been a symbol of style and elegance.

Today, whether it’s worn with a suit jacket or a blazer, the pocket square is an essential part of any well-dressed man’s wardrobe. How you sport one is up to you. The colour, pattern, material, and how you fold it (or ‘puff’ it, as the case may be), are all up for grabs – this is an accessory that invites creativity and self expression.

Our exquisite silk handkerchiefs come in an impressive range of colours, in classic plain and patterned designs. Made from the finest silk, our squares are traditionally crafted with hand-rolled hems for a superior finish – a mark of the highest quality. Whether you want to add a subtle accent to an outfit or create a striking colour contrast, our handkerchiefs will lend a distinctive edge.



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