Fresh Thinking

Fresh Thinking - Hilditch & Key

Classically crisp and always smart, our poplin cotton shirts make a sharp impression any time of the year. But it is in spring and summer that poplin’s unique light and breathable characteristics can be fully appreciated, keeping you feeling cool under the collar all day long.

Crafted from the finest cotton, our poplin is tightly woven with threads alternately crossed over and under each other, creating a strong fabric with a soft, smooth and silky finish. As a thin and lightweight cloth, it produces a beautiful drape while allowing air to circulate freely for maximum comfort.

From daily business attire to special-occasion wear, our versatile poplins will take you just about anywhere. Offered in solids, stripes and checks, in two fits, find one to suit your style in our range. Or why not take advantage of our limited-time offer on classic blues and whites, and get suitably stocked up for summer.