New Rules Apply

New Rules Apply - Hilditch & Key

The vertical-striped shirt has transcended time and trends to establish itself as a reliable and sophisticated menswear staple. And it’s no wonder. As much part of our work uniforms as it is off-duty dress codes, it lends a more interesting dimension to an outfit than a solid colour, with the bonus of making the wearer appear slimmer and taller.⁠

We go the extra mile to create our striped shirts. It is with utmost precision that we ensure our stripes match up at all the key places – collar, shoulders, sleeves, gauntlet, front, back – to create the appearance of one continuous pattern. It’s a technique that’s preserved by the world’s best shirtmakers, and just one of the steps we take to produce garments of the highest standard.⁠

Surprisingly versatile, stripes produce a range of results from subtle to statement, depending on the thickness and colour you choose. Browse our collection to find business-smart hairline stripes through to timeless Bengals. In classic blue and white alongside other stylish colours – discover an outstanding lineup in our Winter Sale.⁠